There’s less than 24 hours until The Dogefather makes his debut on SNL and all hodlers of the cryptocurrency are hoping that their fortunes will be buoyed by the enigmatic CEOs performance.

Of note, are the many doge just-like-me cryptos that are trading for under a few bucks. These include:

Investors are wondering what will be the next thing that will power the crypto past the $1 mark. Will it be a tweet offering tacit validation of doge by another billionaire? Mark Cuban? Richard Branson?

Follow @CryptoWendyO @realjohndough @wallstreet504 if you want to ride the wave. We’ll also be live tweeting the rise (or the fall) of the cryptocurrency in real time until the Dogefather peels back the curtain tomorrow night.

It’s officially two days after Doge Day and there is still this strange fog, a something-in-the-air vibe that one feels after a zero day hack or a lover’s betrayal, that is hovering over the cryptocurrency.

Doge is currently around $.24 per share (down from $.42 on 4/20) and all the hype seems like a wash but for holders of Doge the feeling that something big is going to happen (good or bad) is undeniable going into a weekend where foreign exchanges. especially those in Asia, can be unforgiving.

So with more questions than answers. Will the token go to zero? Should I hodl or sell? Here’s an amuse bouche of social media personalities that we at hodlrz have compiled to give you informed opinions re:crypto and hopefully keep you from staying up all-night.

Hodlrz staff

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